How does Chemist2U work?

Once you have downloaded our online pharmacy app or visited our website, you enter your delivery address and start browsing the various categories of pharmacy medication and other products, adding what you need to your cart.
If you require prescription medication delivered, simply upload a photo or scan of your script which will be processed by one of our partner pharmacies. Once a script has been approved, you will be notified and you can then review the order and make final payment.
Once your order is placed, your delivery window is confirmed.
With paper prescription orders, we are required to first collect your script and return it to the dispensing pharmacy before delivering your medication, along with your copy of the original script and any repeats.
If there are any issues with your order, our customer service team are available.
Please note that Ozempic and Mounjaro are delivered (in an insulated box) via Express Post and we cannot accept paper scripts for these medications. Allow 5-7 business days for delivery.